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Dog tags provided by Military Uniform Supply.

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Dog Tag Chain Set
Brass extra stainless steel brass chains. You receive: One long chain (27 inch Military Standard length), one short chain (5 inch Military Standard length). Made in the USA. Each chain includes a connector attached to one end.
Dog Tag Chain Set - Brass
Dog Tag Set - Black
2 BLACK Dog Tags (2 7/8 inches long 1 inch wide 0'33 inch thick) 1 each: 27 inch black chain 1 each: 5 1/2 inch black chain 2 black silencers. Price includes the printing on them as well.
Dog Tag Set - BLACK
Dog Tag Set - RED
Medical Alert 2 RED Dog Tags
Dog Tag Set - RED Medical Alert
Dog Tag Set - SILVER (SHINY)
SHINY NOTE: These are not the military standard dog tags.
Dog Tag Set - Silver - SHINY